Online Learning

Dear Student:

Most of Triton College online courses are in Blackboard, however, some courses may be in a different online learning system. Please verify your class below and if not listed, select the Blackboard Portal link otherwise select the appropriate.

Portal Link   LMS Description   Need help?
Blackboard Portal      - Online Courses:
  Credit, Enhanced, or Hybrid
     708 456-0300
Ext. 3361 or 3039
NTER Portal   - IGEN Career Pathways:
  The Illinois Green Economy Network
  888 767-5894  
ED2GO Portal   - School of Continuing Education:
  Triton College's online continuing education courses
  708 456-0300
Ext. 3500
The following courses do not utilize Blackboard:
Online courses-names that start with ONLE and ends in section 90, 91, 92, 93, 94 please select School of Continuing Education (eg. ONLE10290).
The following online courses are not part of Blackboard, NTER or ED2GO. Please contact your instructor directly for login information and support.
    - HTH120-070
    - HTH120-070
    - HTH120-071
    - All Online Math (MAT) Courses
For the following online courses please select the NTER Portal Link. Contact your instructor directly for login information and support. Or visit the NTER portal for assistance.
    - HRT 125-072 Plants and Society
    - HRT 125-072 Plants and Society
    - BIS 105-070 Environmental Biology

Additional Information:
   • Online Course Listing
   • Online Resources

Questions? Contact the ERTC @ (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3361 or 3039.