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James Evers - SIU  

This month we are going to do a follow up with a former University Center Student of the Month, James Evers. For those not familiar with James’ story, I think you will find it interesting to go back and read about his experience returning to school at Triton and SIU. Now his post-graduation story continues in the form of a “Thank You” letter sent to Antigone Sharris, Program Coordinator for the Engineering Technology program here at Triton College. Results like this prove that earning advanced degrees from Triton College and Southern Illinois University can truly be life changing. Read James’ letter below.

Subject: Thank you

Antigone, I just wanted to write you to let you know how grateful I am for all of the help and guidance you provided as well as the benefits of the program at Triton. When I first started the Engineering Technology program I was working in a restaurant and had no manufacturing/engineering experience. The program allowed me to find a job doing CAD work, which I later parlayed in to a position at Elkay Manufacturing after I had transferred into the SIU Industrial Tech program.

Now I am just about to start a new position at a new company, this time as an Applications Engineer. The combination of the program at Triton and SIU allowed me in just over 2 years to go from around $32000 to $65000 plus bonus. Thank you again for all your help. Your students are lucky to have you.

James Evers

James Evers' original UC Student of the month story.


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