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Sam D Pulia
Sam D. Pulia
Village President
Village of Westchester

Class of 1973

How has Triton College made an impact on your life?
If it was not for Triton, I would have never been able to secure my job as a police cadet for the village of Addison in 1972. Furthermore, as a result of having my Associate degree from Triton I was able to test at various villages before my 21st birthday. I attribute my Associate degree earned at Triton, and my work experience at Addison, to be the reason I was hired by the village of Westchester in 1974. Triton’s Criminal Justice program was excellent and provided me with a great foundation for obtaining my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

After graduating from Triton College in 1973 with an Associate degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Sam Pulia earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science at Lewis University while working full time with a wife and family. One of his most prized accomplishments is that he was the first and only officer to attend the Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois School of Police Staff and Command, and be elected the president of the class.

Pulia’s law enforcement career, which came to an end in June of 2014, spanned 40 years. He was fortunate to rise through the ranks at the Westchester Police Department from patrol officer to Deputy Chief, and be honored by Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheehan with the Medal of Merit. Working as the line commander for the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Mobile Field Force with close to 100 fine dedicated officers from different communities was also a highlight of his career. Being named as Chief of Police for the village of Willow Springs after retiring from Westchester Police made his goals and aspirations complete.

Pulia was elected to serve on the Westchester District 92.5 School Board serving for 13+ years, and as president for 11 years. In 2005, He ran and lost in the village of Westchester election for village president. In 2009, he ran again and was successful. Unopposed in 2013, he is presently serving his second term as village president, which proves the old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” During Pulia’s term as village president, Westchester has been the victim of several flood events that received presidential disaster declarations. He attributes his educational, professional, and personal abilities as reasons why he was able to successfully recover from those catastrophic events.