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Calling all juniors, seniors, parents, and counselors: High school students can get on the fast track to earning college credit while still in high school with Triton College’s Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit programs. Both options offer an awesome way to jump start a college education while saving money. Just think, going to college before graduation. It can happen! Two credits are better than one.

What is the Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit program?

Dual Enrollment Program (Click HERE for more information)
High school juniors and seniors take advanced college courses at the Triton College campus for college credit. In some cases students earn high school credit as well. Triton’s faculty offers a range of classes that fulfill students' high school requirements and count toward their university program credits. The cost for classes is a lot less than at a four-year university or technical college.

Dual Credit Program (Click HERE for more information)
Students earn college and high school credit for specific classes taken at the high school for which the school has an approved Dual Credit agreement.


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