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Student Success & Support

Student Success
Participating in the Triton College Dual Credit courses puts the student at an advantage. At Triton, we know that two credits are better than one. High school students can earn multiple college credits prior to graduating from high school.

The Advantages:
   • Seamless transition from high school to college
   • Reduced cost of enrolling in higher education courses
   • Access to college facilities and resources such as tutoring services, computer labs, and counseling services

Student Support
Triton College has a long history of helping students to succeed. Dual Credit students enjoy the advantage of academic support from the community college and its faculty due to the close relationship between the local high school and the college. This local support makes all the difference. Benefits of community college Dual Credit courses include the following:
   • Students attend classes at the local college campus or on their high school campus
   • Instructors are more accessible
   • Class sizes are often smaller, creating a lower teacher/student ratio
   • Students have access to college facilities and resources such as 24/7 tutoring services, computer labs, libraries, and counseling services