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Dual Enrollment Information

What's the difference between Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment?

Dual Credit courses are college level courses that high school students may take either at Triton or their primary high school in which there is a preexisting agreement to award both high school and college credit upon successful completion. Dual Enrollment courses are college courses taken on the college campus by high school students while still enrolled in high school and give college credits but there is no preexisting agreement to award high school credits.

How do I enroll and register for a Dual Enrollment course?

Getting In
Complete the Dual Enrollment Application Dual Enrollment Application *Please remember to select Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment as your Academic Program and Dual Enrollee when asked what type of student best describes you*
The assessment can be waived with ACT test scores of (20) in English and Writing and a score of (23) in Math. (All students planning to enroll in the Nursing Assistant Program must earn a score of (80) in the reading portion of the placement test to qualify)
Obtain written permission letter from your high school counselor or principal that states you are in good standing with their school and are approved to take college courses at Triton. Bring this letter to the Welcome Center/Admissions office for registration (The Office of Dual Credit does not register Dual Enrollment students).

Signing up for the Dual Enrollment program has its perks and benefits:
   • Transferable college credit earned from an accredited institution
   • Reduction of the number of college classes taken after high school graduation
   • Utilization of college resources and services, including the library, computer and academic labs, and tutoring services
   • Participation in college campus activities
   • Courses are offered Fall, Spring, AND Summer unlike Dual Credit which only offers Fall and Spring Courses.

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