Triton College takes the lead on preparing high school students for college math

*UPDATED*                                                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FEB. 9, 2016 

It's a national issue that seems to be getting worse: The number of high school students enrolling into college without the knowledge and capability of doing college-level coursework is increasing.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, out of 40,000 high school graduates enrolled in community colleges, nearly half - at 48.7 percent - required remediation, or developmental education, in at least one subject. Developmental education courses are non-credit bearing courses that prepare students for college-level coursework and can most likely increase a student's time and money toward college. It has also been noted that the longer a student stays in developmental courses, the less likely he or she will complete their degree.

Compared to other subjects, including reading and writing, math is the biggest challenge for many of these high school students entering college, as 41.1 percent of Illinois students required remediation prior to entering credit math courses. 

Triton College is aware of this growing trend and is taking action toward helping in-district high school students become better prepared for college-level math. The two-year institution rolled out its pilot program in fall 2014 to partner with local high schools to teach developmental math courses (MAT 055 and MAT 085) to their students on their high school's campus. The classes are taught by trained instructors who use Triton's curriculum. Upon passing the classes, the high school students are placed into credit-bearing, college-level math courses when they enroll at Triton, increasing the college readiness of Triton's incoming students. 

"We wanted to help bridge the gap between our institution and our high schools, plus it falls in line with Triton's strategic plan, and we are able to engage with the students about Triton," said Ric Segovia, associate dean of College Readiness. "The high schools have been open to us getting more involved with their students' education, and we appreciate the opportunity to be more hands-on in order to make a change toward the future of our students."

East Leyden was one of the first high schools to participate in the program. By the end of classes, 42 out of 50 students, or 84 percent, were successful in passing the class with a C or higher. 

Other local high schools that are currently participating in the program include, West Leyden, Proviso East and West and Oak Park and River Forest.

Upon further review of the program, Triton College will look into expanding it and partnering with more in-district high schools.


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