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    Upcoming Events

    Spring, 2017

    • April
      • April 3: Academic Program Planning Workshop, 12:30 p.m., F-203
      • April 10: Concordia University Instant Admission Option, 10am-2pm, B-217
      • April 11: Transfer Nuts & Bolts...What You Need To Know For Transferring to College/University, 1 p.m., D-126
      • April 12: Academic Program Planning Workshop, 2 p.m., E-146
      • April 18: Academic Program Planning Workshop, 6 pm., E-209
      • April 25: Academic Program Planning Workshop, 12 p.m., E-145
      • April 25: Single Parent Resource Fair, 10am-2pm, B-204/B-210
    • May
      • May 3: Academic Program Planning Workshop, 12 p.m., H-114

      All Semester long

      Thursdays starting February 2nd – May 11th 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. E-308

      “Making Choices that Benefit YOU!”A group for young men

      You deserve a great life! Join other young men as we look at the tools and skills you need to make choices that benefit you!

      Yes, the journey for young men can be difficult and confusing learn how to make choices that really benefit you and leads to a much happier life – a good job, a girlfriend, a great future. Who you are and who you become can be positively influenced by sharing experiences with others who are traveling on the same path.

      * Understand how your dreams, desires, and goals are shaped

      * Recognize the choices that are there for you

      * Identify what steps you can take to attain each goal

      Contact: Hector Zavala at 708-456-0300 ext. 3363 or hectorzavala@triton.edu