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    Project Achieve

    The Center for Access and Accommodative Services’ Project Achieve is geared toward highly motivated and committed students. The purpose of Project Achieve is to provide in-depth training and support services that prepare students to work independently within the college setting to complete their career and/or academic goal.

    Applications should be submitted one semester prior to when students wish to attend.

    Program requirements:
       • Students interested in Project Achieve must:
          - Complete Project Achieve Application and CAAS Confidential Data form
          - Submit H.S. IEP & Psychological Report
          - Take Triton College reading placement exam
       • Attend Project Achieve twice every week
       • Attend the required workshop training sessions each semester

    Students will benefit from:
       • Establishing a career goal
       • Improving academic skills
       • Earning a Certificate of Training for a specific occupation
       • Gaining Community employment experiences
       • Becoming a competent professional

    Student’s will be contacted by CAAS staff for an interview after their documentation and placement score has been received and reviewed.

    For more information (708) 456-0300, Ext. 3854 or 3853 or email caas@triton.edu

     Project Achieve: 2017  Project Achieve: 2017