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    Center for Access and Accommodative Services

    Accommodations for Placement Exams

    New Students to Triton College, regardless of educational intent, are required to take the college’s placement test. The placement test consists of math, reading and writing. Scores are valid for two years. Students are allowed one retest each year. Students may be waived from the placement exams if they successfully completed college courses in English and Math or have met required scores for ACT. Students will not be permitted to register for classes until the placement exams have been completed.

    Students may take all three of the exams at one time or they may choose to take one exam at a time over the course of a couple of days. Placement exams are not timed; therefore, students are encouraged to take their time and try to obtain the highest score possible. Students scoring in the College Readiness range must enroll in the appropriate Math, Reading, and Writing courses.

    Students seeking the accommodation of using a calculator for the exam must apply for the accommodation at the Center for Access and Accommodative Services located in Room A-125 by filling out a Confidential Data form and submitting documentation of their disability and/or medical condition. When the Confidential Data form and documentation has been submitted, there will be an approximate two week processing time. The student will be contacted to schedule an “Intake Meeting” where the accommodations will be activated.