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    Mars Mania - FREE Public Star Party

    Date: Saturday, June 25, 2016
    Time: 8PM to 11PM

    Once every two years, Earth passes Mars in its orbit. Lucky for us, Earth just passed Mars in May 2016 making this the best time to observe Mars from Earth until 2018.

    This special evening begins at 8 pm when Dan Troiani presents a short, free program about Mars in the Cernan Earth and Space Center Planetarium.

    Weather permitting, members of the Cernan Center staff, Northwest Suburban Astronomers and Chicago Astronomical Society will set up their telescopes outside starting at 8:30 pm for everyone to come and view Mars. In addition to Mars, Jupiter and its moons plus Saturn and those spectacular rings will also be featured objects.

    The weather forecast for Saturday evening looks promising. Everyone is invited to come out for the FREE public star party.

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