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    Triton College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
    Triton College’s Accreditation was continued in 2014.

    For more information regarding the Institution’s Accreditation Status, click HERE.

    Steering Committee
    Triton College’s central shared governance body, College Council, serves as the Steering Committee for HLC reports, self-studies, and visits.

    Click HERE to see the Membership of College Council.

    Student Achievement Information
    As required by the HLC, Triton College publishes Student Achievement Information on its website.

    Click HERE to view the Institution’s Student Achievement Information.

    Accreditation Documentation
    Triton College’s HLC self-studies and reports are available to Triton College staff and faculty via the Institution’s Employee Portal.

    Click HERE to be redirected to the Employee Portal Page (available only to those with a mytriton login).

    Programmatic Accreditation
    Where necessary or appropriate to its educational purposes, Triton maintains specialized accreditation for its programs to ensure that students are appropriately prepared to achieve in their educational and/or occupational goals.

    Click HERE to view more information regarding Triton College’s Programmatic Accreditations.

    See a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Institutional Accreditation HERE.

    Do you have questions about Triton College’s Accreditation?
    Contact Pamela Perry, Director of Planning and Accreditation, at (708)456-0300, Ext. 3415 or pamelaperry@triton.edu.